Available courses

2020-2021 Mike Brandly Law - Members -$0 / Non-members - $20

If you only need to take the 2 hours of required law then you may sign up for this course.  If you need all 6 hours then sign up for the other course

TDLR Course 22373

6 Hours of Continuing Education - Member fee - $0/ Non-member fee $45

This course includes 

Mike Brandly Auction Case Law #22373

John Schultz - Auction PR #22378

Wade Fisher - #22382

Business Fundamentals Intensive. - $395

This new certification pathway is designed to help bridge the gap between auction school and get up and running as an auctioneer professional in Texas.  Auctioneers can also use these courses as a resource to re-structure or update your company.   The TCAP Business Course is the 1st course in the series to be offered online.  You will receive 8 hrs CE with TDLR for completion and access to the faculty and senior auctioneers for mentoring.  For TCAP Certification, you would be a current TAA member and complete all 3 courses in the series:   TCAP BUSINESS, TCAP MARKETING, TCAP OPERATIONS.   All courses are offered in person at the TAA Annual Convention. 

Upon completion of all 3 courses, graduates will be awarded “TCAP Certified” distinction which will include: adding to your credentials, lapel pin, use of logo, mentoring, free ad in TAA news, custom press release for local marketing and status. Attendees can take 1, 2, or all 3 courses.